How Posting Blogs to Your Website will Boost Your Business

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Posting blogs to your website will boost your business.  And while blogs are not the shiny new objects they once were, blog posts help accomplish several goals.  And if written, optimized for SEO, and promoted properly, they attract new prospects and convert them into clients for years after publication.  If you think posting blogs is a waste of time or have given up on them entirely, grab a cup of coffee and read on.  This article is all about the importance of blog posts to your prospects, your SEO activity, and your company’s bottom line.

Blogs Give your Company a Voice

Most companies are in a constant state of change.  Growth requires new product and service offerings.  External conditions and regulations are always in flux. Therefore, consumers look to industry leaders for updates, insights, and trending topics.  A blog gives your company a voice to announce new products and services.  Additionally, blogs provide a platform for a long-form explanation of everything going on in the business or industry.  And if written properly, blogs showcase the company’s products or services and how they solve issues presented by the blog topic.

Blogs are a Great Tool for SEO

In addition to promoting products and services, a blog can perform activities aimed at boosting SEO as well. Here are two important SEO activities accomplished with blogposts.

Establish Expertise, Authority, and Trust

Google wants to be confident in the search results they provide.  Therefore, Google looks to website content that displays expertise, authority, and trust (EAT).  Blogs are the perfect vehicle to establish EAT because they give all the space and time needed to explain details, offer analysis, and provide insights needed to understand complex topics. To learn more about Google’s page ranking guidelines and expertise, authority, and trust, read our recent blog.

Internal linking opportunities

Each blog offers opportunities to link content to other website pages or previous blogposts.  This gives readers more relevant content to explore and more exposure to your website.  As a result, you get more chances to increase conversions.  According to, an SEO industry leader, internal links are important because they can help Google understand and rank your website better.  By giving Google links to follow, along with descriptive anchor text, you can indicate to Google which pages of your site are important, as well as what they are about.

Blogs are always Discoverable

Visitors can always find and read blogs posted on your website.  They can be tagged or assigned to categories to make them easy to find.  And in addition to that, a search bar on the site can help visitors find the articles featuring the content they are interested in.  This presentation of content is far better than social media platforms offer.  Posts on social media are often buried under an avalanche of unrelated content, selfies, and self-promotion.  

Content changes so fast on social media that your posts are usually seen by a fraction of your network unless you pay to boost your exposure.   According to The Refinery, a digital solutions company based in Ohio, the lifespan of a post on Twitter is only 15 minutes.  A LinkedIn post may be seen by your connections and followers for around 24 hours.  After 24 hours, it’s rare if anyone will ever see it again.

Gifts that Keep on Giving

A row of gifts to symbolize how blogs on your website boosts your business.

Creating blog posts can be time-consuming.  Sand Key Ventures ghost-writes blogs for several companies.  The process includes keyword and content research, headline analysis, writing, and editing.  Then, each blog is tested for readability, images are created or curated, and the entire blog is optimized for SEO.  But all that effort pays off in three ways.

1. Blog posts are the source of social media posts.  Depending on the length of the article and the number of social media platforms a company uses, a solid blog post can be broken up into 2-3 posts per platform. 

2. Blogposts are reasons for email and text message blasts.  Subscribers should get a notification every time you post something new, but a message containing a link to the blog is an additional touchpoint to customers and prospects.  Keeping top of mind awareness is critical in hyper-competitive business climates.

3. Since blogs posted to your website are always available, visitors can read articles posted months or even years ago.  As long as the content is updated and relevant, older posts can still convert.  On February 18, 2022, a visitor to a wellness website read a blog I wrote on Thyroid health.  The blog was published in January of 2021.  The reader posted a positive comment on the website, and the site owners reached out to the reader directly to convert interest into a supplement sale.  With content that old, something like that would never happen from a social media post.  But on a website, everything is possible and proof that blogs boost business.

That’s where Sand Key Ventures comes in 

Blog posts on your website are still important and blogs boost business.  They are the vehicle of choice for company announcements.  Additionally, blogs are the best platform to establish expertise, authority, and trust.  Most importantly, they provide the steady cadence of fresh content Google loves and rewards with higher rankings.  And best of all, they are an effective tool to boost amplification and conversions.  But you are a busy entrepreneur or executive and have no time to create them.  That’s where Sand Key Ventures comes in.  

We are a website company, and we create digital content.  We have been writing blogs for years and invest in the tools needed to deliver a great user experience and sell your products.  Plus, we optimize each one for SEO and can help with social media placement through our affiliate partnerships.  Give us a call at 727-249-2749 to discuss what Sand Key Ventures can do for you.  Thanks for your time, but now we’ve gotta run.  We have websites to build and audit, blogs to write, ebooks to create, eCommerce to manage, and photos to edit.  Until next time, take care.