About Sand Key Ventures

Sand Key Ventures is a website development and digital content company.  But we are not just about what we make, we are about what we make happen.  We create connections.  We connect the emotional world of resonance, delight, and desire to the world of commerce, where emotions convert to action.  Additionally, we connect with artists, digital designers, videographers, digital advertising sherpas, and social media mavens.  We create everything needed to connect our clients with their best prospects and clients.  That helps to grow revenue and improve lives.  

My name is Michael J. Mikuliza, and I own Sand Key Ventures.  I have decades of experience in marketing communications and sales.  When you work with me and my affiliate partners, you will get high-quality work done to agreed-upon specifications and delivery schedules.  When you need our services, call us.  You will be happy you did.

To learn more about my professional life read my story.

The Work

WordPress Website Services

Brochure Sites | eCommerce Solutions | Personal Branding Sites


Technical SEO | On-Page SEO | Schema Markup


Web Pages | Brand Storytelling | Blogs & Editorial


Products | Food & Beverage | Hospitality

The Why

Simply put, I love what I do.  Every day I get to create new things and push them out into the world.  It’s exciting, fun, and challenging. Every day people use my work to buy and sell things, to learn more about their interests, and see pictures that stir the soul.  So everyday I work on getting better at my craft and telling better brand stories.  When I do that, there is always a happy ending.  And that’s why I do this, because I love a happy ending, and my clients do too.

The Curious Life

The endless curiosity of children shouldn’t end in adulthood.  But sadly, it does for most.  The rush hour of life takes over, moments are overlooked, and interest in the world, lying just beyond our scope, fades.  But for those who lead a curious life, like me, it’s different.  When I see something new, hear a new perspective, listen to music that moves me, or taste something extraordinary I need to know more.  Who makes this and how, why do you feel that way, what inspired this, and how can I learn more are just some of the questions I ask every day.  This is a good thing.  Because if you stop being curious and stop asking questions, you stop growing and the wonders of the world pass you by.

When you are curious, learning becomes an everlasting pursuit. When you lead a curious life, everything is possible. 

In the course of my work, I face a lot of challenges.  When a challenge is presented, I do the only thing I know, dig in, figure it out, and quickly move forward.

Defining Moments

Everyone is shaped by moments that define them.  Often these are moments happen when painful lessons are learned, fortune smiles, and the hand of fate steps in to save the day.  These moments combine to define who we are today.  They help explain our approach to work and the guidelines we use to live our lives.  You cannot truly know someone, without knowing their defining moments. 

Here are a few of my defining moments.