Business Writing Services

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Your business relies on quality writing to communicate effectively. Prospects and customers decide if your company is a good fit based on what they read. That’s why the writing on your website and in your blogs is critical to your success. To learn more, read our article, “How Posting Blogs to Your Website will Boost Your Business.” To learn how to write better blogs, read “How to Write an Engaging Blog that Sells.”

The About page of your website is more important than ever. Today’s consumer wants to know if their values align with yours before they buy your products and services. Sand Key Ventures crafts “about us” pages that build trust and resonate with your prospects. to learn more, read our article, 6 Elements the Make your About Page Pull Readers In.

Sand Key Ventures’ business writing services produce persuasive stories, blogs, and web pages. They are easy to read and understand. We start with a strategy that focuses on the goals of the document. Then we determine keywords, article structure, and needed images. Once that’s done and approved, we write. Then we use specialized tools that analyze keyword usage, sentence length, and paragraph structure. This results in written documents that effectively deliver your message and incite action.

Michael wrote blogs for my website for two years. His command of the content was exceptional and his words were informative, persuasive, and effective. He kept my visitors coming back.”

Donna Mansbart–NOSI Skincare

“Michael wrote restaurant reviews for His reviews were detailed, descriptive, and beautifully written. I loved how invested he was with every client, every article, and every photo. His restaurant articles were delicious!”

Debbie Torres–Director of Marketing and Sales,

Business Writing Optimized for SEO

Business writing services from Sand Key Ventures incorporate writing tactics proven to enhance search engine optimization. These tactics include:

  • Focused Keywords
  • Semantic Keywords
  • Keyword Placement
  • Keyword Frequency
  • Inbound/Outbound links
  • Headline Structure Analysis
  • Subheading Structure Analysis
  • Image Attribution

Published Examples

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