Website Services

Website builds and maintenance can be complicated and time consuming. You don’t have to go-it alone. Sand Key Ventures has the expertise to set your business up for greater success.

Sand Key Ventures offer two website services, fresh builds, and rebuilds. A website is the foundation of success for any business. Your website is your digital storefront. It gives you the opportunity to showcase your products and services and establishes your business cred. And it all starts with a focused homepage that serves a strategic purpose. Your website needs a great user experience, or customers will bounce out in seconds. We use effective design elements to present what the website visitor wants, work flawlessly, and look great. If you doubt the need for a website, read our article, 5 Reasons Why your Website is your Best Sales Tool.

Sand Key Ventures offers website services that help put your best business foot forward. We create clean designs and focused content that your customers and prospects will appreciate. We build intuitive navigation into each page making it easy to quickly find your information, capture engagement, and promote your brand. Mobile-first, accelerated pages and convenient touch-to-call or touch-to-text links make it easy to convert site visitors to customers. We also offer SEO services to enhance the user experience and make it easy for Google to understand and crawl. That keeps your prospects engaged and more inclined to convert.

“Michael created a professional and functional e-commerce site quickly and affordably. He goes the extra mile while being sensitive to the needs of small businesses. I would highly recommend his services.” 

Ben Lindsey–Principal, Game Changer Products LLC

“Michael helped me design and create a website and logo for my new business. He quickly understood what I wanted and offered creative solutions. His rates were reasonable and fair. I will continue to use Michael to help me tweak the website to make it even better.  No worries.” 

Jim Anderson–Just the Gouge Training