SEO Services from Sand Key Ventures

Dark skies developing over Sand Key, FL.  SEO Services from Sand Key Ventures turn a website's dark skies into bright sunshine.
Dark Skies, like this one over Sand Key, can be a little scary, just like a website not optimized for SEO. SEO Services from Sand Key Ventures can turn your website’s dark skies into bright sunshine!

Sand Key Ventures offers two types of SEO services. The first is On-Page SEO, and the other is Technical SEO. Both SEO services are included in all new website builds, but they can also be purchased as separate services for existing WordPress websites.

The Importance of SEO Services

Imagine building the most beautiful website that ever existed. The user experience is second-to-none, the copy is compelling and persuasive, and the images are thoughtful and stunning. But no one knows about the site. Therefore, Google doesn’t understand it and, as a result, never serves it on their search engine results pages. As a result, traffic is very low, and there is no chance of engaging prospects or conversion.

Building a website with a great user experience isn’t enough. The website also needs to help search engines understand the website’s intentions. Also, the website needs to guide Google and the gang through its pages and help explain the content. That’s where SEO, or search engine optimization, comes in. Sand Key Ventures is always studying the ever-changing world of SEO to keep up with the latest SEO trends and best practices. We are always working on skills certifications from industry-leading SEO companies.

On-Page SEO Services

Each page of a website is intentional and unique. On-Page SEO Services from Sand Key Ventures help search engines understand the content and how it fits into the overall website intention. We run each page through a series of readability tests that analyze both headlines and body copy. That way, the content on every page makes both website visitors and search engines happy.

Included are:

  • Keyword Research
  • Focus and Semantic Keywords
  • Internal Linking Strategy
  • Permalink Structure
  • Schema Markup
  • Slug and URL Construction
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Headline Testing
  • Content Readability Testing
  • Image Alt Text

On-Page SEO Goals and Pricing

The goal of On-Page SEO is to enhance the user experience. We accomplish this with original and compelling copy that is written to help Google understand its intent. We also set up each page to help search engines understand the page and how it fits into the overall website intention.

On-Page SEO Services cost $100 per page, not including fresh content if needed, and can be purchased for a few or all pages on a website. Bulk discounts are available, so contact us for a custom estimate.

Technical SEO Services

Technical SEO Services from Sand Key Ventures include tactics employed on the back end of a website. These tactics help search engines easily crawl, index, and render pages, images, and videos.  Everything starts with a website audit done through our partner, SEMRush. The audit reports a website health score. The score is used as a benchmark for progress with an initial goal of a 92% score.

Tactics include:

  • XML Site Maps
  • Page Analysis and Consolidation
  • 301 Redirects and Canonical Mapping
  • Thin and Duplicate Content Identification
  • Plug-in Analysis
  • Plug-in Updates
  • Google Search Console Set Up
  • Java Script and CSS Code Minification
  • Broken Links and Anchor Text Fixes
  • Image Format and Size Optimization

Technical SEO Proof and Pricing

The website is re-audited, and a compare crawl analysis is provided as proof of performance. Technical SEO is an ongoing activity that can boost a website’s health score close to 100%. It can also significantly increase the website load speed and enhance the user experience. 

Pricing for Technical SEO Services starts at $749 and depends on website size and current health condition. Monthly Maintenance and quarterly Tune-Up Packages are available. Contact us for a custom estimate.

Both On-Page and Technical SEO Services help Google understand and crawl the website, they also create a better user experience. Google likes that. The better the user experience and the easier it is for Google to crawl and understand a website, the more confidence Google has with it. That makes all search engines more likely to serve the website’s pages to everyone searching for matched keywords. And if the SEO is strong, the listing will be rich and robust, landing on the first page of the search results.

Higher ranking boosts organic traffic, customer engagement, and conversion.