Social Media Management

Social Media icons hover over a computer symbolizing social media management services offered by Sand Key Ventures.

Effective social media management involves a lot more than taking pictures with your phone and posting them to Facebook. Getting the most out of social media marketing requires a focused strategy and compelling content. It takes more time than most people think and after a short time, many people lose focus and enthusiasm. At that point, posting frequency starts to fall, posts are not as effective and the brand suffers. However, if managed properly, strong campaigns can create awareness, trial and repeat business. Marketing through social media is also affordable and a great place for budget-minded businesses to communicate directly with their customers and prospects. Sand Key Ventures social media management strategy includes:

  • Complete Campaign Goals with Measurement Goals
  • Complete Channel Analysis and Final Selection Recommendation
  • Scheduling Frequency Recommendation
  • Daypart Tactics and Recommendation
  • Content Focus Strategy and Monthly Creative Calendar
  • Reposting Strategy and Recommendation
  • Boosting Strategy and Targeting Tactics
  • Engagement Procedures
  • Analytics Reporting

Images that create attention-grabbing posts can be produced through custom photography, partner services or curated sites. We can also use any assets you have on hand that contribute to positive brand positioning. All posts are created for each individual platform and messages always include a call to action or engagement.